Providing Ukrainian food, agriculture, and logistic products and services


Ramex LLP (Ramex) is a UK-based marketer and handler of grains, oilseeds and by-products for feed and food markets.
 Ramex specialised on supply of grain commodities of Ukrainian origin.
 Ramex has years of experience in the Ukrainian market, skilled performers and developed network of offices throughout Ukraine. Ramex takes into account the specifics of the market and of grain in Ukraine, the legal framework, the possibility of logistics.

Our mission

The company’s mission — to provide consumers worldwide access to grains and oilseeds of Ukrainian origin.

Why Ukraine

There are several reasons why to choose Ukraine:

Ukraine is a leading global agro-export playerUkraine has 33% world's rich black-earth soil

Ukraine is #1 exporter of sunflower oilUkraine is #2 grain exporter globally


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