Hulled Millet

Ramex offers for supply by trucks:

Hulled MilletHulled Millet, recleaned quality

  • Moisture 13.5% max
  • Purity 99.9% max
  • Impurities 0.10% max
  • Free of glass, stones, plastic, wood, metal pieces, free of weevils/insects, free of extraneous odour.
  • Fit for human consumption.
  • Package:  25kg or 50lb kg three-layered paper bags.
  • Delivery on europallets is able.
  • Can provide EUR 1 or Form A certificates.


Eggs and sunflower oil

We are glad to announce, that Ramex LLP expanded its product range.

From now Ramex offers to supply:
  • sunflower refined oil in pet bottles 1l;
  • fresh chicken eggs produced by Ukrainian poultry farms.



CornRamex LLP is now continuing supply Ukrainian corn to Poland.

Price for January ’16 is $155 pmt on DAP-Ukr/Pol board conditions.


BarleyRamex LLP successfully completed delivery of the Ukrainian feed barley on CPT-port Yugniy (Ukraine) conditions.


  • Moisture max 14.0%
  • Grain admixture max 8.0%
  • Foreign matters max 2.0%
  • Test weight min 600 g/l

Sunflower meal

Ukrainian sunflower meal new crop from Zaporozhye regio

Ramex LLP starts to shipment granulated Ukrainian sunflower meal new crop from Zaporozhye region.


Our team has achieved the abolition of the Lithuanian veterinary service ban on the supply of feed products of the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine and has successfully supplied lot of sunflower meal for our customers in Lithuania.